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We offer a flexible Menu of Services for Meetings of all sizes for Corporations, Associations and Government Departments and work closely with these organisations to provide customised services for each Local, National or International event. A wide choice of Venues is available from Hotels to Historic Palaces to University Lecture Theatres.



Travel Programmes are very effective for the Recognition of Employees, Clients and Suppliers. While Programmes for Sales People are well-established, other business functions are now involved. Group Events, like this Car Rally for a leading worldwide manufacturer in Belgium work really well for some companies, but other Organisations prefer to have Reward and Recognition Programmes that have Individual Travel Arrangements.


From small National Conferences to Multinational Conferences that attract thousands of Delegates, we have a wealth of expertise and experience. While Hotels and Convention Centres continue to meet the needs of most events, there is a wide choice of other venues from Airports, like Sports Stadiums, from Castles to Holiday Villages and from Cruise Ships to Museums.



We all take great pride in providing experiences that are not widely available to everyone and activities that have not been experienced by most people. We create programmes that specifically match the requirements of each audience and budget. We want all participants to enjoy something and come back with memories..